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Minister Vincent

TWO Records

Minister Vincent - Producer, Songwriter, Music Arranger, Musician


Minister Vincent is the producer, choir director, song writer, and musician for the Ordained Praise Christ Jesus recording project.   It demonstrates Vincent's enormous, God-given talent and the victory over difficulties that can only be had in Jesus.    Ministering in music since the age of 7, Vincent has become proficient in every aspect of Gospel music where he is an ordained minister, plays the keyboard and organ, directs the choir; writes songs (lyrics/music arrangement), is a sound engineer, and is a gifted producer.   In addition, he has toured the country extensively accompanying various Gospel artists ministering via their productions as well as his own. Since becoming totally blind in 1998, he has worked to establish a new way of playing instruments and directing the choirs.  Although this has been quite a challenge emotionally as well as practically, Vincent has been victorious through Christ who has strengthened him.  The Ordained Praise Christ Jesus project is a strong testimony of this victory and demonstrates that he has never been better at  Gospel music production, inspired musicianship, songwriting skills, and choir direction.   Minister Vincent is an ordained minister, and been Minister of Music at Neighborhood Baptist Church, San Francisco since 1985.